About us

Byke is the first network transportation community entirely conceived and built in Italy dedicated to scooters

offering a convenient alternative to move quickly in busy cities. It’s simple: download the app and request a ride from scooter drivers in your proximity (bykers). The chosen byker will pick you up and drive you to your desired destination. The Byke app facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing on scooters, helping you glide through traffic, save time and avoid the stress of waiting for public transport.

How byke works

1. Request a ride

Insert your destination and see the bykers closest to you. Request a ride and choose your byker among those available.

2. Hop on the scooter

Your byker will pick you up at your exact location and drive you to your destination.

3. Pay and rate your byker

No cash needed, your payment will be carried out entirely through the app. Finally, rate your driver and leave a comment!

Sign up

Welcome! Signing up to Byke is easy and free.

To facilitate your registration be sure to have the following ready


Byke with us

You have

✔ a driving licence valid for at least 3 years and suitable for riding your scooter

✔ valid insurance

✔ approved scooter to transport two people and two approved helmets

✔ desire to meet new people while saving on the cost of travelling by sharing expenses

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