• What is Byke?

Byke is a network transportation platform entirely conceived and built in Italy dedicated to scooters that offers a convenient alternative to those who want to move quickly in a city.

  • How can I sign up? 

It’s very easy to sign up! Download the free app from the AppStore, complete your profile and join our community!

  • I don’t have an iPhone, can I still sign up for Byke?

Unfortunately not yet, but leave us your email! We will contact you back as soon as the app is available for your platform.


  • What happens once I request a ride?

The byker will pick you up at your address and will drive you to your chosen destination. To facilitate your meet up you can send him your number so that he can call you if there are any issues.

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions about the service?

Our daily goal is to ensure a top-quality service and to fulfill your expectations, for any concerns please contact us at: help@bykeapp.com, we would be happy to help you.


  • How can I trust the Byker’s reliability?

We personally select our Bykers. Find out more on how we take care of your safety on the dedicated page.

  • Can I rate a Byker? 

Of course! At the end of each ride you will be able to leave feedback for your Byker, rating his service between 0 and 5 stars and leaving a written comment.

  • How do I rate my passenger?

At the end of every ride you will have the opportunity to leave feedback for your Byker, rating his service between 0 and 5 stars and leaving a written comment.

  • What are the prerequisites to become a Byker? 

Do you want to become a Byker? Check these prerequisites:

–  a driving licence valid at least for three years and valid to ride your scooter

–  a scooter in good conditions and authorized to carry two people

–  valid insurance

send your request here, we will contact you soon. For further information, read our Terms and Conditions.

  •  How can I make sure the Byker’s spare helmet is of the right size? 

Once one or more Bykers accept your request, you will be able to view their profiles from the “Bykers List”, choose the Byker with the helmet of the right size for a comfortable ride. For you hygiene, the Byker wil also provide you with a practical disposable hairnet.

Payment & Pricing

  • How much does the service cost? 

Byke does not offer a transport service but is instead a platform that helps those in need of a ride meet with scooter drivers  nearby who would like to share the cost of their trip. Byke suggests a reasonable cost for the ride based on fuel prices, however it is the user and Byker who decide the most appropriate final amount.

  • Which are the accepted types of payments? 

You will be able to pay safely through credit or debit card or your Paypal account.

  • Can I pay in cash?

No,  cash payment is not accepted; we know how important your time is, you’ll be able to carry out your payment through the app in a faster and safer way.

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